Dr. Browns Silicone Dish Washer Bag

The one-of-a-kind Dr. Brown's® Silicone Dishwasher Bag gives you all kinds of flexibility! Save small parts of baby bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers and more from getting tossed around the dishwasher with the Silicone Dishwasher Bag - the only one of its kind! The select-a-size flexibility of the soft yet durable silicone lets you shape the bag to best fit your needs, folding both vertically and horizontally to accommodate even the awkward items. Just fill it, fasten the snaps securely in place, and set in the top rack of any dishwasher - without taking a ton of space. Safe for boiling or sterilizing. Bottle parts are not included. BPA free.
• Made of 100% silicone that's soft yet durable
• Folds vertically and horizontally to accommodate awkward items
• Fits any dishwasher
• Bottle parts not included. BPA free.