Dr.Browns Dish Washing Basket

Get load-and-go convenience with the Dr. Brown’s® Options™ Dishwasher Basket – created especially for Dr. Brown’s Options and Original Narrow bottle parts. Quickly load up to three sets of bottle parts in the Dishwasher Basket. Slots within the basket are uniquely made to fit caps, reservoirs, nipples, vents and more, which means all parts stay secure through the entire dishwasher cycle. The Dr. Brown’s Options Dishwasher Basket is designed to facilitate thorough cleaning of each item – including a special side channel for dishwasher safe items like travel caps and pacifiers. BPA-free. Bottle parts not included. Fits Dr. Brown’s Narrow Options and Original bottle parts; Quickly load up to 3 sets of bottle parts per wash; Uniquely designed slots for bottle parts keeps everything secure through wash cycle; Designed to facilitate thorough cleaning of each item; Special channel for dishwasher-safe items like travel caps and pacifiers ; BPA-free; Bottle parts not included