Cosco Simplefold LX Highchair

EzPz Drying Rack


The ezpz Drying Rack was designed to help dry + store all of your essential baby / toddler gear – including ezpz products! The removable pegs make the rack customizable to suit your drying needs. Plus, modern-day parents can proudly display the chic design on their counter.


  • Sturdy pegs can hold bottles, nipples, cups and ezpz mats.
  • Pegs allow for customized configurations.
  • Pegs can lay flat inside the mat for easy storage.
  • Built-in nubbins can be used to hold utensils and cups.
  • Silicone mat is hypo-allergenic and odor-resistant.
  • Raised edge catches water.
  • Suction feature keeps the rack in place.