Matraea Better Baby Bum Cream


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Better Baby Bum Cream Made by Midwives

Safely prevent fungal and bacterial growth in the diaper area while providing a gentle barrier to protect baby's bottom and avoid flare-ups. Made with natural ingredients and instantly soothing, our Matraea Better Baby Bum Cream spreads easily for convenient application.

Free of petroleum and parabens, and enhanced with certified organic Shea butter, Aloe juice, and healing medicinal herbs, our midwife-approved baby's diaper cream is the optimal option for soothing redness, irritation, and diaper rash.

Non-nano zinc is non-absorbable and acts as an effective gentle barrier, while calendula extract brings instant comfort.

Tested and approved for use with cloth diapers.

  • Expertly formulated by midwives

  • ~ Prevent fungal and bacterial growth

  • ~ Protect baby's bottom

  • ~ Reduce redness and irritation

  • ~ Instantly soothing

  • ~ Made with certified organic ingredients

  • ~ Approved for use with cloth diapers

  • ~ No petroleum or parabens

  • ~ Lanolin-free